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Hemp/CDB Overview

Gravitas Infinitum is taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities in the hemp processing equipment business with our exclusive proprietary technology and valuable trade secrets. We will be employing the proven Schlumberger business model that fundamentally changed the oil industry. This key vertical integration is a natural fit to our nutraceutical roll-up and is in immediate demand.

Our ownership of a proprietary system that allows us to separate all the various molecules of the hemp plant is a difference maker in this project.

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Our systems will be rented or leased to growers, growing groups, and agricultural cooperatives. They are of industrial scale, starting with one ton per shift, all the way up to fifty tons per eight-hour shift.

The Fee structure will be based on a monthly Rental/Lease rate, Input tonnage fees, Crude Extract Fee, Fiber Extract Fee, and Waste Disposal Fees. Additionally, the systems are Cloud enabled and provide tracking from source feedstock to final separations, with continuous real-time analytics and billing.

These systems are designed to be food grade and for pharma grade whole extract liquor with all aromatics, fine terpenes, and light oils intact. Importantly, we utilize a solvent free ambient temperature process that doesn't damage any of the molecules during extrication. Our system uses seven phases to separate fiber, water, sugars, proteins, wax/glycerin, and high value oils. From these basic separations you can derive hundreds of high value products, from biodegradable plastics to medicines.

There is considerable evidence that the market has, and will continue to have, a shortage of scalable processing as more and more states allow hemp production, and as hemp becomes the highest-value crop on a given parcel of land. Today’s current systems are very small, and laboratory scaled, not industrial. Our systems are modular, and process the whole plant, including the root ball (if coming off hydroponics growth systems).

Depending on the local laws and permits, we can process both Low-THC Hemp (Federally Legal), and High-THC Marijuana (Legal in some States). Since our systems are designed modular, they can fit into a container and be utilized anywhere in the world.  This prevents issues of stranded assets and having facilities in the wrong area since they can be easily moved and repositioned. Our systems are raw feedstock processors, processing and separating for further downstream refinement.  We will provide downstream refinement for our Nutraceutical companies and select clients.

One of the key by-products is the exponentially growing is hemp-plastic market. In this market, each plant is made up of 60% cellulose fiber, which can be further processed for bio-degradable plastics in the form of Nano-Cellulosic Fiber/Crystals.

We are currently under MOU negotiations with two hemp growing firms, and presenting to several agricultural cooperatives in Texas, Florida, North & South Carolina. Our expectations are to have multiple systems under contract by Q4-2019 for Mid-2020 service commencement.

We are launching this division under the Gravitas Kannavis brand.

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